Services We Provide


Restorative & Extractions


Adult and child dental cleanings ranging from standard prophylaxis to periodontal maintenance. 

Our hygienists provide exceptional care to the patient, and take the time to teach effective oral hygiene. 

Removal of decay and placement of a tooth-colored resin custom to you. We also resin offer bonding, which can improve the appearance of your teeth and/or close gaps. In more severe cases, our team offers extractions in a comfortable, sterile environment.

Porcelain layer placed over a tooth to improve aesthetics and function of a smile. This procedure takes two appointments, and your digital scan is sent directly to the lab to start the fabrication process.


Sure Smile Orthodontics


We offer whitening using custom bleaching trays to ensure successful bleaching of each tooth surface.

Comparable to Invisalign, these invisible trays can be removed for you to eat and effectively brush your teeth. Visit us once every 4-6 weeks for an alignment progress check.

While we always strive for you to keep your natural teeth, we partner with an amazing lab that custom-makes your dentures and we make sure you are happy with the fit and feel.

Implant Crowns

Occlusal Guards


An alternative to a bridge, an implant is a surgically placed titanium shaft in your bone where the root of your tooth would be. Our office will fabricate a porcelain crown for it that matches the rest of your dentition.

Occlusal guards can be used for the protection of your teeth if you grind and/or clench during the night. We can also make custom sports guards for the athlete in need. 

Our providers are credentialed to administer injectables such as Botox, Xeomin, and Juvederm to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. More commonly in the dental office, these products can be used to reduce TMJ pain and migraines.